Wide-Angle Lens Photography

Wide-Angle Lens Photography (Amherst Media's Photo-Imaging Series)

Wide-Angle Lens PhotographyEach of these books, geared to serious amateurs and professionals, deals with a specialized area of photography for which there are few other books. Paduano's will be of greatest appeal to amateur photographers who wish to expand their abilities with a camera. White's will appeal more to those photographers who wish to explore a unique way of seeing. Well organized and clearly written, the books are also nicely designed and contain excellent illustrations. White's, in particular, features several crisp line drawings and a number of exceptional photographs. A good value for any library wishing to strengthen its collection of popular technical manuals on photography; highly recommended for all public libraries that support photography courses.? Raymond Bial, Parkland Coll. Lib., Champaign, Ill.

Create powerful photos using wide-angle lenses and a book which covers the specifics. There are plenty of general photography how-to titles on the market, so it's refreshing to see a book devoted entirely to the successful use of a lens which can produce so much, yet which can prove challenging and difficult. From travel photos to special effects, this reveals all.

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