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Bronica also known as Zenza Bronica existed as a medium format professional roll-film camera line, made in Japan which included rangefinder cameras and SLR cameras. Bronica cameras first burst upon the scene 1958, when, Zenzaburo Yoshino, the company's founder announced his own created camera , the roll film Bronica Z camera, at the camera show in Philadelphia. The Bronica Z, plus successive Bronicas, utilized large-exposure, high-quality Nikon lenses, were an instant sensation updated article Apr 2, 2011

Bronica Medium Format Camera Knowledge Base Bronica Medium Format Camera Knowledge Base - Later on, Bronica manufactured it's own with its successive camera models Zenza Bronica Ltd. later on was acquired by Tameron,  the lens manufacturer. Zenzaburo Yoshino passed away in 1988. in October 2004, Tamron stopped making the Bronica single-lens reflex brands (SQ, ETR and the GS), and production was halted on the last Bronica RF645 rangefinder brand in October of 2005. The Bronica cameras were mainstay for both wedding photographers and portrait studios alike for several years. Used Bronicas still see widespread use by professional photographers and serious amateurs, this is partly due to the superior quality of images of the 6x4.5, 6x6 and 6x6 and 6x7cm film when compared with smaller 35mm film and digital image sensor formats. The Bronica SLR cameras featured a modular design whereby all the major camera components. including the lens, camera body, viewfinder and film back were all separate but interchangeable units. updated article Apr 2, 2011