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A Swedish maker of medium-format camera systems and other photographic equipment which is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Victor Hasselblad AB perhaps is best identified medium-format camera systems it has been making since after World War II.

Hasselblad also makes its own imaging software which is called Phocus, which asserts to be more innovative than comparable software like Adobe Lightroom. The lnewest version of Phocus comes in both Mac OS X plus Microsoft Windows versions. By taking direct advantage of the Mac operating system raw image file format library, the edition of Phocusfor Mac OS X provides for raw image formats of other DSLR camera manufacturers. Phocus can be downloaded free from Hasselblad

Hasselblad Medium Format Camera Knowledge Base Hasselblad Medium Format Camera Knowledge Base
The Hasselblad long-established V-System cameras even now are still in wide use by both professional photographers and serious amateurs. A main reason is the significance of long service time and the quality of the lenses that are available. The latest H-System cameras manufactured by agreement with Fuji are leaders in the market and they compete with Mamiya Sinar and other companies in the digital medium format camera marketplace. Hasselblad was sold in 1996, with UBS as the new owners. The Shriro Group obtained a majority share hold in Hasselblad in January 2003. For more than 45 years the group had already been the China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan Hasselblad distributors

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Hasselblad Filters. Hasselblad original filters are manufactured to meet and exceed the most stringent demands on optical flatness and transmission qualities. These filters are specially designed to complement Hasselbladís outstanding lenses in the best possible way.