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Holga Medium Format Camera Knowledge Base Holga Medium Format Camera Knowledge Base

The Holga camera is a cheap, medium format camera that shoots 120 film and is often called a toy camera. It is manufactured in China and valued for it's non-descript profile. The cheap construction of the Holga with a simple meniscus lens (having both convex and concave sides) frequently produces images that exhibit vignetting, light leaks, blur, and other types of distortions. The quality problems with the Holga have turned it into a cult following among a few photographers who have been receiving awards & competitions in art & news photography shooting with the Holga camera. updated article Apr 3, 2011

Holga 35mm Film CamerasHolga 35mm Film Cameras
Holga has announced three new versions of their world famous camera now available in 35mm format. The new Holga models are the Holga 135, the  Holga 135PC, and the Holga 135BC

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