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Horseman LD View CameraThe Horseman name is connected with Japanese large format high-quality, view & press cameras & lenses, although itís also recognized for innovative designs.

Horseman was started in Kyoto Japan 1933 using the Komamura Keitei Kaisha name. The company was renamed K.K. Komamura Shokai 1947 and the first camera was constructed in 1948 It was a field camera made of wood named the PC-101, which meant Japanese police.

The Horseman 102, was also named after the Japanese police was built in 1958 the camera later grew into a Horseman 104 camera, constructed in collaboration with Tokyo Kogaku. This was the precursor to the Topcon Horseman series of cameras, that began with the 060 model.

Today, the company still manufactures Horseman cameras They are also distributers of Minox and Rollei photography products along with German & US photography accessories, plus US & Australian video products. updated article Apr 3, 2011

Horseman Large Format Cameras
If you are using a Nikon digital single lens reflex, Horseman now gives you an opportunity to add full bellows functions -- like in a medium or large format view camera with the Horseman LD View Camera. Using the LD maintains all of the cameras normal functions (except for auto focus functions of course), and you can attach any standard medium or large format camera lens (including those with Hasselblad and Mamiya mounts).