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Kenko TeleconvertersThe Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 teleconverter begins with the highest quality optical glass which is then multicoated. 3x teleconverters are designed to be used use with lenses over 50mm and are at their best mounted with telephoto lenses between 100mm and 500mm. The Kenko PRO 300 3.0x may be employed with telephoto zooms in addition to prime lenses. Although, Kenko doesn't not recommend using them with lenses with a zoom range starting under 50mm.

PRO 300 Kenko AF Teleplus converters contain Gate Array IC (Programable Integrated Circuit). allowing the converter’s distinctive circuitry to maintain signal integrity connecting the body of the camera and the mounted lens. These teleconverters are engineered to operate electronically the same fashion as the original manufacturer’s teleconverter providing the available light is strong enough. updated article Apr 3, 2011