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Kodak to leave consumer photography -Tech giants band together to acquire patents. Kodak announced it is going to sell its Document Imaging and Personalized Imaging business units, so it may focus on functional printing solutions, 'commercial, packaging and and other enterprise services,' which will end the Kodak role as an end consumer photographic company.

Kodak Compact Digital Camera Knowledge BaseKodak Compact Digital Camera Knowledge Base
Kodak’s EasyShare cameras feature ease of use, as boasted by the brand tagline and include Smart Scene modes, that automatically choose particular shooting modes. The Kodak budget C series comprise of some of the least expensive compacts anywhere. The Higher-end Z-, Kodak P-, and the latest M-series digital compacts employ longer zooms and a way more progressive features.- updated article

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Kodak filters are available in more than 100 varieties. Gelatin filters are for use with image-forming light beams. KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin. Check for available sizes. 

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Kodak EasyShare Photo Printer 500A Kodak Photo printer is the outcome of more than a century of Photographic experience. As every Kodak photo printer owner will tell you, a Kodak photo printer shines in print quality and cost per print. In addition to that Kodak photo printers are extremely user-friendly and simple to use.

Kodak photo printers come with many connection possibilities. Every model has a USB connection to link it to either a PC, Laptop or Mac. A majority of the models feature a blue tooth connection allowing you print the photos made with your phone. Several of the new Kodal photo printer models can use Wi-Fi , allowing you wirelessly connect from your, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Laptop or even a Mac with a Kodak photo printer. And if you desire to directly print using your digital camera or even from your camera's memory card, it is a good thing to know that just about all the Kodak photo printer versions also support that.