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Founded in 2002, Opteka has very quickly become one of the top manufacturers of converter lenses and filters for digital point and shoot cameras as well as high magnification telescopic lenses for 35mm SLR cameras. Their line of products has recently expanded to include tripods, flashes, power grips and digital picture frames.

The Opteka difference comes from special material selection and assembly technology that employs micron-unit quality control. This ensures optimum consistency while maintaining the highest quality for each and every lens. That's why both professionals and knowledgeable photography enthusiasts rely on Opteka lenses.

As they continue to commit to their current distribution of camera products, they also strive to expand in the area of industrial equipment and mass media optical products, further providing extensive services as a leading optical products manufacturer in the world.

Opteka Lens Knowledge BaseOpteka Lens Knowledgebase - updated article Jan 29, 2011 - Opteka was founded in 2002, and has swiftly become one of the top makers of filters and converter lenses for compact digital cameras in addition to manufacturing high magnification 35mm SLR camera telephoto lenses. They have recently expanded their product line to include digital picture frames, power grips, flashes and tripods. The dissimilarity in Opteka arises from distinctive selection of materials and construction technology that uses micron-unit quality control. This assures the best possible consistency as well as maintaining the absolute best quality for each and every lens. That's the reason both professional photographers and knowledgeable enthusiasts depend upon Opteka lenses.

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Opteka products include:

  • Batteries & Power Supplies
  • Cases & Straps
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Digital Picture Frames
  • Filters
  • Flash Brackets
  • Flashes & Lighting
  • Lens Adapters
  • Lens Caps and Hoods
  • Lenses for Digital / Film SLR
  • Lenses for Digital Cameras
  • Lenses for Video Cameras
  • Remote Controls
  • Spirit Levels
  • Tripod Heads
  • Tripods & Monopods
  • TV Accessories
  • Viewfinder Accessories