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Panasonic is the Johnny come lately of the digital camera arena, when in 2001, they became a player by the launching the Lumix brand, featuring lenses with the Leica brand. Taking credit for renewing interest in ‘superzoom’ bridge cameras by introducing the FZ line, Panasonic became an early supporter of putting wideangle zooms on compact cameras and made the 'travel zoom' fragment popular with a big zoom on a small camera with the TZ lineup. They put their foot in the water with an array of short shelf life Four Thirds DSLR cameras, although Panasonic bounced back in 2008 by launching a mirrorless Micro Four Thirds ‘G’ system, which presents an array of SLR-style, compact and video-enhanced models including a sparse, but growing range of lenses 

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Every Panasonic Lumix, from the large FZ series of super-zooms to the budget LZ and LS series, has optical stabilization. FX-series subcompacts feature several modes and auto features; high-end LX can capture photos in 16:9 aspect mode, while the TZ-series compacts are super-zooms.  Lumix is Panasonic's brand of digital cameras, ranging from pocket point and shoot models to digital SLRs. Many Lumix models are fitted with Leica lenses that have been designed by Leica's German optical engineers and are assembled in Japan, some are rebadged Leica cameras without the branding and with different cosmetic styling. updated article Jan 22, 2011

Panasonic 35mm Digital Camera Knowledge BasePanasonic DSLR Cameras updated article Feb 22, 2011 - Panasonic uses the Lumix name on all of it's digital cameras, which include point & shoot versions to DSLRs. A large number of Lumix models use lenses engineered by Leica German optical designers although they are put together in Japan, several are relabeled as Leica model cameras with cosmetically different styling. Leica previously had a comparable relationship with Minolta, where later version Leica SLRs (and a few 35mm point & shoot cameras) were based strongly on Minolta camera bodies.

Panasonic Lens Knowledge BasePanasonic Lens Knowledge Base - updated article Jan 22, 2011 - LUMIX G lenses and LEICA DG lenses are small and lightweight and embrace the Contrast AF system of LUMIX G Micro System cameras, and highlight countless Panasonic improved optical technologies. These lenses embrace the Micro Four Thirds System, an interchangeable lens camera system that was conceived and created to enhance the distinctive features digital technology. updated article Jan 22, 2011

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