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Samsung Electronics is the largest technology company in the world, Over the last several years they have made great inroads in toning down their reputation for their ‘stack em high, market em cheap’ digital camera products that sold well due to their excellent price to specifications balance, although rarely impressive in actual use. The newest generation of their compact digital cameras has risen the Samung bar a notch or more upscale, and now the company presents some extremely competitive camera models, with some having genuinely unique qualities. Although they feature a massive (and sometimes confusing lcollection. Apparently they have given up their ‘GX’ line of Pentax DSLR clones Samsung has now started down the path of a mirrorless APS-C system (NX) that appears very promising. updated article Apr 4, 2011

Samsung Compact Digital Knowledge BaseSamsung Compact Digital Camera Knowledge Base
Samsung has produced some very inexpensive Digital Cameras. Its more expensive subcompact NV series include an innovative navigation interface. The GX series SLRs are in effect rebranded Pentax K-series SLRs. Samsung offers a constrained selection of lenses. Interchangeable Lens Cameras updated article Jan 22, 2011

Samsung 35mm Digital Camera Knowledge BaseSamsung DSLR Camera Knowledge Base - Samsung digital cameras and digital camcorders. Samsung has introduced a number of models in those areas like the Samsung premium WB550 the Samsung dual-LCD camera) ST550 camera, and the 4GB SSD-mounted HMX-H106 full HD camcorder . In 2009 Samsung was third place in production of the compact camera market. Since that time, the company has been focusing more on higher-priced cameras. In 2010, Samsung launched the next-gen interchangeable lens camera (EVIL), the NX10 thereby beginning competition toward this new category of the camera market. - updated article12/31/2010

Samsung Lens Knowledge Base

Samsung Lens Knowledge Base - Pentax DA and DA* lenses are compatible with Samsung DSLRs because they are also made by Pentax. The "Samsung" GX-10 and GX-20 are compatible with DA and DA* lenses.

Samsung Photo Printers
Samsung photo printers are very much like other portable photo printers such as the Canon SELPHY models and the Epson PictureMate models Samsung photo printers use of dye sublimation engineering in creating printouts and they are very compact and lightweight. Conversely, Samsung has stopped manufacturing these photo printers as they are giving more focus to making laser printers that apparently are their highest grossing printer.

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