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Samyang Optics Company Limited, founded in 1972, and know as Samyang is based in Korean, they manufacture optical products, CCTV and photographic camera lenses. They produce a small, although growing range of somewhat inexpensive manual focus prime lenses which are produced in mounts that fit cameras from Canon, Samsung, Pentax, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Yashica, and Panasonic.brands. Additionally they produce a broad range of catadioptric mirror lenses using T-mounts, plus simple high-focal distance manual focus optics. They also rebrand catadioptric lenses and make them available under the names of Bower, Opteka, Phoenix, Rokinon, Sakar, Vivitar and others. updated article Apr 4, 2011


Samyang Lens Knowledge BaseSamyang Lens Knowledge Base - Up until recently the Korean firm Samyang has been known for its cheap manual long- focus lenses containing both lenses and mirrors. These lenses come with a T-mount thread which can be connected to any reflex camera by using the appropriate link. Samyang’s telephoto lenses have been offered at temptingly low prices thanks to the optical simplicity of their instruments, which reminds me more of refractors and Maksutov telescopes designed for astronomy enthusiasts than of  photographic lenses.  But, there's something new, the 14mm Samyang manual focus f/2.8 lens designed for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax mounts

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