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Tokina, founded in 1950 as Tokyo Optical Equipment Manufacturing, renaming it's self to Tokina Optical Co Ltd back in 1971, and again in 1995 to Tokina Co Ltd. They manufacture photographic equipment, CCTV lenses including optical filters, and have been strongly associated with the Kenko and Hoya brands. They are the smallest company of the private lens manufacturers although they produce a awfully competitive lineup including a number of unique optics. updated article Apr 4, 2011

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Tokina Lens Knowledge Base - Tokina was founded by a group of Nikon engineers who left Nikon to concentrate on the development of high-quality zoom lenses, which were rare at the time. Originally an OEM manufacturer only, in the early 1970s they began selling lenses under their own Tokina brand.  Kenko Co., Ltd. (株式会社ケンコー ,Kabushiki-gaisha Kenkō?) a Japanese manufacturer and trading company of photographic accessories, especially known for its filters has been producing conversion lenses since the 1960s now produces camera lenses under the Tokina brand name. Tokina's glass is made by Hoya Corporation, the world's largest producer of optical glass

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