Adapt M Mount Lenses to Other Brands of Cameras

M Mount Lens Adapter

The Leica M mount was announced in 1954 at the same time as the Leica M3. It's been the chosen mount on on each Leica M series through the present day Leica M7 film camera and Leica M9 digital camera and Lenses.

Additionally, the M Mount was the mount utlized for Minolta's CLE rangefinder, on the Konica Hexar RF, on the later Voigtlander Bessa family and Lenses, the mount for the Rollei 35RF, likewise as of late on the latest Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder and Lenses..

M Mount Lens Adapter

Advantages of Lens adapters

Advantages of Lens adapters is adaptability, and setting aside extra cash with the continued with utilization of favorite lenses you already possess.

Disadvantages of lens adapters

Disadvantages of lens adapters is the inconvenience, lack of electronic connection between the adapted lens and your camera body A couple of factors are essential for a lens adapter to work appropriately. To start with, the camera body "lens registration" space or the area between the mount of the lens to the sensor or film surface. Two, the "throat size" of the mount or the mount diameter. An adapter flanked by the body of the camera and a from another brand, this registration distance of the adapted lens must be larger than the registration distance  on the body; in addition to the lens throat-size must be smaller than the throat size on the body mount.

Auto-focusing vs Manual focusing

Although numerous older style manual-focus lenses might be adapted for mounting on auto-focus cameras (specifically the Canon EOS cameras, because of its shorter lens registration distance), Auto-focus lenses can't easlly be adapted from one series to the next, for example, Minolta to Canon. Since the body of the camera can't aquire control of the lens apeture. For instance, mounting a Nikon 'G' SLR lens (which has no apeture control) on an EOS Canon camera, the lens must be shot totally wide open, as there's no real way to stop down. You'd be better off selling your existing auto-focus lenses and supplanting them with comparable lenses from the new series.

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