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Leica M6 Rangefinder Film Camera

Leica M6 RangefinderCameraLeica M6 Rangefinder Film Camera. Small, quiet, and discreet the LEICA M6 TTL-models are not only the ideal cameras for photojournalism, travel, and available-light photography, but also for carefree and successful flash operation. How are extraordinary, moving pictures taken? Through the harmonious interaction of the photographer and the camera. And through the close proximity to what's happening. When it comes to spontaneous and inconspicuous reactions, the LEICA M6 TTL is irreplaceable: it enables the photographer to get in close. Using the LEICA M6 TTL, you don't have to worry about the distance between you and your subject. The camera remains unnoticed and itself becomes part of the setting. The personality of the M photographer is characterized by sensitivity and an intuitive grasp of how to act discretely and with restraint. He or she has a good power of observation and is always in command of the situation. For such people, the LEICA M6 TTL - with wide-opening lenses distinguished by excellent imaging, as well as the new TTL flash exposure meter - opens up great new opportunities for creative photography in the immediate vicinity of the subject.

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