Polaroid Filters


Polaroid Filters
  Protection Filters - Ultraviolet Filters Your camera won't allow you to develop clear, crisp photos if your camera lens is damaged or dirty. You can protect your thousand dollar lens with a $20 filter if you use a UV or haze filter. These thin glass filters are designed to screw onto the end of your camera lens and you can just leave them on to protect your lens. UV filters can help protect your lenses from dust, moisture and scratches. If your lens is damaged it could cost you quite a bit to repair or replace it. The filters can also give you added benefits of correction for Ultraviolet light which can show on your film as a bluish cast and can sometimes distort distant details. UV filters let you correct for the UV effect to varying degrees. They are also useful if you are shooting mountain and marine scenes, as the haze could affect the color and clarity of the photos. UV filters can be bought for about $20.

Haze Filters Haze Filters do just what they sound like, they filter out haze which is created by minute particles of vapor and dust. Haze settles in the atmosphere and can affect distant photographic scenes. Haze forms when sunlight is scattered by minute particles of matter that exist in the air. Atmospheric conditions have an effect on the amount of haze in the air. Mist, fog, smog, smoke and clouds are all different than haze. Green and red light are scattered by haze, but not as much as ultraviolet radiation, violet and blue light. If you use filters to absorb scattered sunlight you can penetrate the haze. Any filter that can absorb scattered sunlight can be considered a haze filter.

Polaroid Multi-Coated UV Protective Filter. 
Polaroid Polarizer Filters 
Polaroid CPL Circular Polarizer Filter. Polaroid filters continue the brand's long legacy of superior optical solutions. All their filters are carefully formulated to ensure consistent color and accuracy throughout the entire surface of the glass. Why? Consistent color means consistent high quality results. They know that a poorly made filter makes a great lens and camera worthless, that's why their frame rings are constructed of special alloys that won't expand or contract over time or due to temperature extremes-it's also why they back their filters with an 10 year warranty-because they engineer them to last. Like all Polaroid optics, Polaroid filters are precision manufactured to the most demanding of tolerances. This ensures consistent high quality results even after years of use.
  Filter Sets
  Polaroid 4 Piece Filter Kit (MCUV, CPL, FLD, WARMING).
  Close Up Filters
  Polaroid 4 Piece Close Up Filter Kit (+1, +2, +4, +10).  

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