Filter Step Down Rings

The use of step-down rings is not for mounting filters, but for other accessories. For example, many Coolpix users mount two tele converters together to create a converter of higher power.  However, when using an SLR lens made for a film camera on a Digital APS-C Camera. You normally can go a size or two smaller without vignetting. For example, I have a Sigma 50-500mm lens with a filter size of 86mm and I am using a step-down ring with a 77mm 81B Hoya filter and I have no vignetting problems on a APS-C Nikon Camera.

Step Down Rings
Not recommended for filters do to serious vignetting

Size   B+W Heliopan SunPak Tiffen General

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30.5mm to 25mm            
37mm to 30.5mm              
37mm to 28mm              
40.5mm to 37mm          
43mm to 37mm          
43.5mm to 37mm            
46mm to 37mm          
46mm to 40.5mm          
46mm to 43mm        
46mm to 43.5mm            
48mm to 40.5mm            
48mm to 43mm            
48mm to 43.5mm            
48mm to 46mm          
49mm to 37mm            
49mm to 43mm              
49mm to 46mm        
49mm to 48mm            
52mm to 46mm        
52mm to 48mm          
52mm to 49mm      
55mm to 46mm          
Size   B+W Heliopan SunPak Tiffen    
55mm to 48mm        
55mm to 49mm        
55mm to 52mm        
58mm to 46mm          
58mm to 48mm          
58mm to 49mm        
58mm to 52mm        
58mm to 55mm        
60mm to 55mm            
62mm to 49mm            
62mm to 52mm        
62mm to 55mm        
62mm to 58mm          
67mm to 52mm          
67mm to 55mm            
67mm to 58mm        
67mm to 62mm        
72mm to 55mm        
72mm to 58mm          
72mm to 62mm          
72mm to 67mm        
72mm to 69mm            
72mm to Series 7            
74mm to 72mm            
77mm to 62mm          
77mm to 67mm          
77mm to 72mm          
82mm to 67mm          
82mm to 72mm          
82mm to 77mm          
86mm to 77mm              
86mm to 82mm              
110mm to 95mm            
Bay 50mm to 52mm            
Bay 60mm to 50mm            
Bay 60mm to 67mm            
Series 6 to Series 5            
Series 7 to Series 5            
Series 7 to Series 6            
Series 8 to Series 7