Bronica ETR-SI Medium Format Camera

Bronica ETR-Si 645

Bronica ETR-Si 645 Camera

The Bronica ETR-si is lightweight and very rugged. It uses interchangeable 120 and 220, plus 35mm and Polaroid film backs. The Film advance is manual although an optional motor drive is available. Center weighted or spot metering in aperture-priority plus metered manual with the optional AE prism finder. Other features are 8 to 1/500th sec. shutter speeds plus bulb and time exposure, multiple exposures, mirror lockup, battery check. Choice of five interchangeable viewfinders plus extension tubes, bellows, teleconverters, and grips. Zenzanon-PE lenses with built-in leaf shutters range from 30 mm fisheye to a 500 mm f-8 including a 100 mm macro, 100-220mm and a 45-90mm zooms.
ETR-Si with a compact design emphasizing great handling ease. The ETR-si special importance has been placed on this point and there is a high degree of system flexibility. Not only has a compact and light-weight camera been developed, based on Bronica's exclusive lens shutter system, but Bronica has advanced the use of electronics in various sophisticated functions, resulting in enhanced precision. And, the pursuit of greater holding stability has also lead to an improvement in handling ease. The very flexible "system" design of the ETR-si, in which lenses, finders, film backs and focusing screens can be freely exchanged, as well as full range of valuable accessories makes it possible to customize the camera to match the user's intention in picture-taking. These versatile functions in a very compact camera have been successful in greatly increasing the creative freedom in photography.

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  • Type: 4.5x6cm format lens shutter single lens reflex camera; complete system requires lens, film back and finder.
  • Frame Size: 42.5 x 55.1 mm (side/length ratio of 1:1.29 closely matches standard paper and reproduction sizes)
  • Film: 120 roll film (15 exposures); 220 roll film (30 exposures); 135 cartridge-loaded film; and Polaroid Land pack film. (Optional film backs required for each film type.)
  • Lens Mount Exclusive four claw Bronica ETR bayonet mount.
  • Lens Diaphragm: Fully automatic instant reopening diaphragm action; equal-distance aperture scale graduations; depth of field previewing.
  • Shutter: Electronic control SEIKO #0 between-lens leaf shutter; shutter speeds 8 to 1/500 sec., plus B (bulbs) and T (time); intermediate settings not possible; mechanical control setting of 1/500 sec.
  • Film Winding: Film winding crank; one complete forward revolution or ratcheted winding action.
  • Mirror Lock-up: Possible with mirror lock-up lever.
  • Multiple Exposure: Possible with multiple exposure lever; red warning sign in finder.
  • Film Back: Daylight loading interchangeable type; optional film backs for 120, 220 and 135 roll films and Polaroid Land pack film.
  • Finder System: Interchangeable finder system; 94% of actual field of view (remains unchanged with different finders); choice of five optional finders, or Waist-Level Finder E, AE-III Prism Finder E, AE-II Finder E, Rotary Finder E and Prism Finder E.
  • Focusing Screen: Interchangeable type; standard screen has matte spot.
  • Flash Synchronization: X-setting (up to 1/500 sec.); auto-flash control based on direct light measurements at the film plane are possible with optional SCA System Adapter.
  • Battery Checking: Red-colored LED lights up within screen area when battery check button is depressed, if there is sufficient power; also doubles as shutter closing signal.
  • Power Source: Single 6-volt silver oxide or alkaline-manganese battery; also powers AE-II Prism Finder E and AE-III Prism Finder E, when attached.
  • Dimensions: 92(W) x 87(H) x 69(L)mm (ETR-si main body only), 92(W) x 107(H) x 165(L)mm (with standard lens, Film Back Ei 120 and Waist-Level Finder E)
  • Weight: 17 oz. (ETR-si main body only; without battery) 46 oz. (with optional standard lens, Film Back Ei 120 and Waist-Level Finder E; without battery.)



Bronica etrsi


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