Mamiya DM33 Medium Format Camera

Mamiya DM33 Medium Format Camera

The Mamiya DM33 Digital Camera System brings photographic industry leaders Schneider, Phase One and Leaf together to produce a high-end versatile digital camera system. The DM33 features a 33 megapixel sensor that when matched with great optics results in exquisitely detailed image files. The large 48 x 36mm sensor, coupled with a 16 bit/channel color palette, provides exceptional color accuracy and rich high dynamic range photographs in just a single capture.

The camera features two user-selectable shutter systems - leaf or focal plane. In daylight situations, you can use one of 3 leaf-shuttered lenses (55mm, 80mm, 110mm), designed by Schneider-Kreuznach and manufactured by Mamiya. This allows high-speed flash synchronization to fill-in or overpower even the brightest ambient light. For more conventional situations, photographers can choose to use one of 15 Mamiya lenses, from 28mm to 300mm APO, designed for use with the camera's focal-plane shutter system. The DM33 also has a lightning-fast autofocus system.

Camera Type M645DF
Includes 80mm f/2.8 D Series Lens O
Focal Plane Shutter O
Leaf Shutter operation with D-L/S lenses O
Flash Sync Speed up to 1/800 sec
(1/1600 with future back upgrade)
Fully Compatible with Mamiya AF Focal Plane Series Lenses O
Compatible with Mamiya 645 MF Lenses without adapter (stop down mode) O
Compatible with Hasselblad V-series lenses (stop down mode via optional Mamiya #310-244 Adapter) O
Independent Battery Power Systems O
Component Interchangeability O
CCD Characteristics
Megapixels 33
Pixel Count 6726x5040
mm 48x36
ISO Range 50-800
LCD Screen
Size 6x7cm
User Interface Touchscreen
File Management O
Advanced Image Viewing Tools O
Integrated Spot Metering O
Customizable Image Settings O
RAW file attributes
File Type Leaf Mosaic HDR-type
Color Depth 16 bits/channel
Dynamic Range 12 f-stops
RAW file Compatibility
Capture One™ O
Leaf Capture™ O
Adobe Lightroom™ (v2 or newer) O
Adobe Photoshop™ (CS3 or newer) O
Image Storage
CF Card (Portable Mode) O
FireWire 800 (Tethered Mode) O
Optional Camera Interfaces
Mamiya RZ67 ProIID O
4x5 Graflock O


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