Phase One IQ140, IQ160, and  IQ180 Camera Backs


Phase One announces three new digital cameras that have been outfitted with image sensors of high-resolution. These latest Phase One cameras have been named Phase One Q140, IIQ160 and Q180 which includes sensor capacities of 40, 60.5 and 80-megapixels respectively. The trio of Phase One cameras additionally includes the same retina-type display that’s featured on the iPhone 4, and features in 3.2 inch size which includes a 1.15 megapixel high resolution sporting 16 million colors, a viewing angle of 170-degree and 290 ppi.

Phaseone IQ180 Medium Format Digital Camera Back
Phaseone IQ180 Medium Format Digital Camera Back

The IQ180 ISO sensor range on the is from 50 and 800 including a Sensor+ mode sensitivity as high as ISO 3200. This IQ180 provides a huge 1GB ram capacity . All three cameras are also included with a new USB 3.0 FireWire 800 connector allowing you facilitate super high speed photo transfers to your computer

The cameras sensors also automatically reveal if the camera is level from side to side. or front to back These feature allow you to level the camera easily when on a shoot particularly while it’s set up with CaptureOne software, permitting automatic leveling of the photo in any direction The IQ180 Phase One will begin arriving near the last part of April 2011 and will include a whopping $44K price tag. The other two lower-level models, IQ140 and IQ160 will ship at a later time in May. The prices are currently unknown.


Copenhagen, January 24, 2011 — Phase One, the world’s leading pro photography equipment provider, today announced a bold new generation of medium format digital camera backs. The Phase One IQ180, IQ160 and IQ140 digital camera backs feature maximum resolutions of 80, 60.5 and 40 high quality megapixels respectively. This series sets new standards for medium format camera system handling and performance.

The Phase One IQ180 captures at full-frame 80 megapixel resolution, with a dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops. It is the first product of its kind to feature a USB3 connection, facilitating faster image transfers in the future. The IQ180 also features a FireWire 800 connection, ensuring the fastest tethered capture speeds possible today. For untethered shooting, the IQ180 digital back’s new memory card interface is so fast that it eliminates buffering delays, supporting continuous shooting until a card is filled.

“I am amazed by the image quality I’ve gotten ‘out of the box’ with the Phase One IQ180 on the Phase One 645DF camera. I can create images with more detail and unique looks than with any other camera out there. It helps me develop styles unique to me,” said lifestyle photographer Jens Honoré. (website:

A newly-designed 3.2 inch retina type, multi touch screen features 1.15 megapixel resolution, providing the highest resolution and largest display of any SLR type camera available today. This means that very fine details can be checked instantly during a photo shoot -- for instance using Phase One’s unique Focus Mask and the instant zoom function. The automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast ensures that the display is visible under various light conditions. 

Context-sensitive controls, such as the instant zoom function, allow a photographer to zoom into an image using one finger only. Small histograms and highlight warnings can be enlarged to full screen view by a simple touch. The new Focus Mask available during preview helps validate depth-of-field and image focus. The wide format display allows for a full 4:3 aspect ratio VGA resolution image next to histogram, highlight warning, focus mask, EXIF data, and touch controls.  This touch screen display is complemented by Phase One’s intuitive 4-button navigation.

“The new high-resolution multi touch screen with its intuitive controls is a perfect tool for checking image quality right at the moment of capture. With this display quality, I can leave my laptop at home, and ultimately this makes my work easier,” said architectural photographer, Eugeni Pons. (website:

Phase One’s patent-pending Sensor+ technology, built into the Phase One IQ180, supports a variety of shooting conditions. One can capture images with full 80 megapixels resolution or, using Sensor+ mode, switch instantly to capture images with 20 megapixels resolution at 4 times higher sensitivity, up to ISO 3200. This flexibility is very useful under low light conditions; there is no need to slow down to change cameras, and there’s no crop or lens factor. One gets the maximum wide-angle performance from the existing lens, higher ISO levels, and a faster workflow.

According to fashion photographer Stefan Kapfer, “The new IQ180 suits my work very well. I can use the full 80 megapixel resolution for my high end fashion shots, and the 20 megapixel images I get from the Sensor+ technology give me a faster workflow when I do work for catalogue production. It’s really two perfect solutions in one system.” (website:

Compatibility is improved between the IQ digital backs and the Phase One 645DF camera body. The power state of the digital back can now be controlled directly from the 645DF camera. An integrated battery charger ensures that the battery is charged while one is shooting tethered, offering more shooting versatility.

Capture One 6
Capture One 6 has been optimized for shooting with Phase One IQ digital backs. Together with the IQ series backs this professional RAW converter and image editing software will deliver the world’s highest image quality with excellent color and detail.  The software comprises all the tools required to capture, organize, edit, share and print images for an efficient workflow.

Reliability and Service
Pro photographers can rely on Phase One IQ digital backs to get their jobs done. Their highly durable build quality is designed and tested to work in the toughest environments, including extreme heat, cold and humidity. 

All Phase One products represent long-term investment value with superior service. For professionals, this protection is priceless, especially when shooting in unfamiliar situations and locations around the world.

Various service levels are available for Phase One IQ digital backs. For example, a value-added option includes a life-time (5 year) warranty, a free loaner unit during repair and other options. Phase One offers 365 days round the clock support delivered on-line and backed up by dedicated partners and a global support team.

For a complete list of all the new Phase One IQ digital back features, including supported camera bodies, please see

Availability and Pricing
The Phase One IQ180 is expected to be available end of April 2011. The Phase One IQ160 and IQ140 are expected to be available end of May 2011. The products may be ordered now through Phase One professional photography partners worldwide:

Prices for new digital backs start at 16.990 EUR / 21.990 USD. Attractive upgrade offers are available for all existing Phase One photographers.

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