Nikon 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens

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In Reality a Very Functional Piece of Glass

Nikon 24-120mm VR Lens In spite what a few self-anointed website pundits have remarked about this particular lens, it's in reality a very functional piece of glass. Mounted on a D700, the sharpness ranges from adequate to remarkable. Predictably, it does it's best work in the heart of its zoom reach.

The lens is quite good for being a somewhat slow respectable quality zoom that performs a more than decent job on Nikon DSLR cameras, for which it was designed. The lens' big downside is the reality that it's slow and murky and over a good part of its zoom breadth it's more like f/5.6 than f/3.5, definitely not a quick lens.

It's center accomplishment is very good although edge production doesn't come close to a prime lens or even several zooms, even though it's yet adequate. Chromatic aberration is amazingly under control Focusing is fast and quiet.

The 24-120 lens is not without peculiarities -- such as the fact that the usual focus and zoom ring positions are reversed. But it's autofocus which leaves zero to wish for--Nikon did no corner cutting here, it auto-focuses lightning fast, so cares about a focusing ring? Just consider the overall wherewithal, convenience at a somewhat low price for a 24-120, I 'd label it a robust lens.

The 24-120 seems better for DSLRs than film cameras, since Nikon DSLRs employ a cropped frame sensor, the digital camera only uses the "sweet" center part of this lens, for best quality.

The VR is helpful, sometimes a bunch, but VR does not become a fix-all for a slow lens. VR has no effect on the brilliance of the image seen in the viewfinder, even though it improves the image quality by reducing camera shake. It's an especially good all-purpose lens for the photographer who doesn't want to invest a bunch of money and can live with this lens' slow relative speed.

It has distortion that's apparent at the wide-angle end. a littlet noisy, a little slow, and a little dark. The focus ring i a little sloppy. It won't replace normal primes and wide angles for of sharpness, however this is the concession price for flexibility. Feb 6,, 2011

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Nikon 24-120mm VR Lens

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