Mamiya releases PhotoEngine Beta 1

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mamiya offers new remote viewing software

Mamiya released new remote viewing software for the DM-series and RZ33 digital cameras and backs. Featuring newly enhanced resolution capabilities for the Apple iPad as well as other features for both the Apple iPhone and iPad, the new Leaf Capture Remote v. 2.0 viewing App offers Mamiya Digital photographers a more convenient viewing solution for both clients and assistants.

While shooting tethered to a Mac, the new Leaf Capture Remote v 2.0 App enables one or more iPad or any iPhone, including iPhone 4, devices to act as remote image viewers. Clients can view images from a photo shoot from a photographer’s Wi-Fi enabled client room. Assistants can instantly check focus and details even when at a distance from a photographer’s main computer. And stylists can see what the camera sees.

The Leaf Capture Remote system consists of two components, the client App for the remote viewing device, and a host server App for the Mac computer. The Leaf Capture Remote v. 2.0 client App for the iPad/iPhone can be downloaded for free from the Apple iPhone App Store. The Leaf Capture Remote server can be downloaded here.

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