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Pink Ricoh CX5 Hybrid Superzoom Ricoh has a new CX5 camera sporting a wide 0.7x 28-300 mm) high zoom lens with high magnification and features quicker autofocus speed due by using Ricoh's brand new hybrid autofocus system.

AF focusing times have been decreased to as little as 0.2 sec in the new Ricoh CX5, .on both the 28mm wide-angle and the 300mm telephoto end, as much as half as long compared to the it's predecessor, the CX4, by employing Ricoh's unique hybrid AF system.

Outfitted in combination with Ricoh's exclusive passive AF image sensor which constantly accesses the space from camera to subject by employing an area sensor along with a system by where the imaging elements look for for the maximum spot for subject contrast and then focus on that area. Ricoh CX5 colors will be Black, Silver, and Pink. ✓

Technology: Pure Image Quality Born of Ricoh Technology Ricoh Pure Image Quality Technology
    The imaging philosophy that lies at the root of all Ricoh digital cameras: not just "high image quality" but "pure image quality, true to what is perceived by the naked eye." This is achieved through three core technologies-a low-distortion lens with true-to-life imaging properties, an image sensor with superior high-sensitivity performance, and an imaging engine that reproduces images in minute detail-that have been designed and developed as a single mechanism, offering unsurpassed resolution and faithful, unaffected color reproduction
Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor + Smooth Imaging Engine IV
    The CX5 boasts a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor combined with advanced Smooth Imaging Engine IV image processing. Poorly-lit indoor or night scenes are rendered in pure, unblemished quality, as of course are brightly-lit subjects. An output pixel interpolation algorithm residing in dedicated logic circuits in the imaging engine reduces loss of detail in highlights to faithfully recreate high-contrast scenes exactly as they appear to the naked eye
What is a Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor?
    The back-illuminated CMOS sensor serves as the eye of the CX5. Using a revolutionary structure to more efficiently catch the light coming through the lens, this sensor greatly increases sensitivity while also reducing noise. In low-light situations such as night and indoor scenes, you will be able to shoot at an image quality level impossible until now Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor - Merits

    Strong in low light! Securely catch weak light rays when shooting at night and indoors

    Strong against noise!

    Get smoothly textured high-quality images without noticeable grain

    The Result - You are no longer limited by low light!

    With the newfound potential for beautiful expression ion low-light scenes, you will experience an even wider range of shooting enjoyment

Super-Resolution Technology for Normal to Zoom to Macro Shooting
    The CX5's super-resolution technology discerns the outlines, details, and gradations in the image automatically and processes the photograph based on the optimal settings for each. This allows the camera to record images with even higher resolution than with previous models
Breakthrough Noise Reduction Function
    The camera's noise reduction algorithm processes the image signal as it is output from the CMOS image sensor, reducing the image noise that tends to occur in photographs taken at high sensitivities. The result is beautiful, limpid photographs with details, tones, and colors as vivid as those seen in the original subject The noise reduction level can be specified for the noise reduction function as Off, Auto, Weak, Strong, or MAX. When MAX is specified, the CX5 does sophisticated variance-estimation type noise reduction processing in which the sensor image data's noise variance is analyzed and the optimum processing is done for each region
10.7 x 28-300 Optical Zoom + SR 600mm Zoom
    Ricoh's original retracting lens system made it possible to fit the high-magnification 10.7x optical wide-angle zoom lens in a thin 29.4mm body that is both easy to carry and easy to use. This lens can handle a wide range of shooting situations, including shooting of expansive landscapes and powerful telephoto shots as well as wide-angle shooting of interior scenes with limited distance between camera and subject. The CX5 also comes equipped with a new super-resolution zoom (HD zoom). This zoom enables telephoto shooting at 21.4x zoom (equivalent to 600mm) with minimal degradation in image quality
Digital Zoom
    4.8x. Auto resize zoom: 5.7x, up to 61x (equivalent to 1,710mm) when used with optical zoom
Retracting Lens System
    Ricoh's original retracting lens system made it possible to fit a 10.7x optical zoom lens in a thin 29.4mm compact body
2880mm Ultra-Telephoto Digital Zoom and Step Zoom
    The step zoom function enables you to fix the optical zoom magnification at eight steps (28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm, 200mm, and 300mm equivalent). For a zoom range beyond the 10.7x optical zoom (300mm), the subject can be magnified even more by combining the optical zoom with digital zoom and the 600mm super-resolution zoom, for a total of up to 103x zoom (equivalent to 2880mm)
Corrects for Even Slight Hand-Motion Blur
    The CX5's image-sensor-shift image stabilization reduces blur by an equivalent of about 3.7 shutter-speed stops on average. This ensures crisp, sharp results in close-ups, telephoto shots, and other situations in which blur is likely to occur Leave the Camera in Charge for Perfect Focus Thanks to its Face-Priority Multi-AF System If faces are detected while photographing people, priority is given to focusing on the faces. At the same time, exposure and white balance are also optimized for the faces so you will not miss the most appealing expressions of your subjects
Natural Colors for Both Subject and Background Multi-Pattern Auto White Balance
    It can be difficult to define a white balance for scenes mixing different light sources, such as when shooting indoors with flash or when shooting scenes with both sunlight and shadow. Multi-pattern auto white balance sets the white balance to fit the light source of each segregated area, thereby surpassing the past method (an average setting for the entire image) to reproduce color tones closer to those seen by the eye High-Speed Autofocus Means that You'll Never Miss Another Opportunity that Comes Along Again The CX5 comes equipped with Ricoh's unique new hybrid AF system, which combines an AF sensor for continuously measuring the distance between the camera and subject together with Contrast AF. This hybrid AF system allows the camera to set the focus in as little as 0.2 seconds, not only for 28mm wide-angle shooting but also for 300mm telephoto. Ensures that you capture the image you were waiting for over the entire zoom range so that you never miss another good shot again. Focus modes: Multi AF / Spot AF / Face-priority Multi AF (Contrast AF method with AF auxiliary light) / Subject-tracking AF / Multi-target AF (Contrast AF method) / Manual Focus / Snap / infinity (fixed focus method)
Capture Moving Subjects Clearly with Subject Tracking AF
    The camera focusing system automatically tracks moving subjects, ensuring that photographs are in focus and correctly exposed whenever you choose to press the shutter-release button. This feature is ideal for shots of active children and pets, as well as for photographs of flowers and other subjects that demand careful composition
    The camera detects the optimum focus position by shifting the focus to follow subject movement even when the shutter release button is not half-pressed. Since the AF operates to match subject movement, it is possible to shoot quickly when the shutter release button is pressed
Person? Landscape? Close-up? The CX5 Will Decide with the Scene Auto Mode (S-Auto)
    By just pointing the camera, "scene auto mode" will switch to the optimum shooting settings. The camera identifies the type of scene being photographed (portrait, sports, night portrait, landscape, nightscape, macro mode, etc.) and automatically switches to the optimum shooting settings. As a result, you enjoy quick and easy photography fine tuned to the specific scene
Don't Let that Scene Get Away - High-Speed Continuous Shooting Functions
    Many discoveries await in a world unseen by the naked eye. With speeds from 5 frames/sec. at 10MP (approx. 3 frames/sec. for the 12th picture on) to ultra-high-speed 120 frames/sec. at 0.3MP using the high-speed continuous shooting functions of the CX5, you will catch the moment Still images at maximum pixels (10M) can now be shot continuously at high-speed of about 5 frames/sec. So you can capture that decisive moment in a high-definition image

    Don't miss your target - M-continuous plus (10Mp/2Mp): The CX5 has the M-continuous plus shooting function, which saves consecutive images shot before the finger is removed from the shutter release button. To fit the scene being photographed, you can select from two modes: M-Continuous Plus (10Mp) for 15 images taken in about three seconds and M-Continuous Plus (2Mp) for 26 images taken in about 0.9 seconds. Shooting continuously, you are ready when the decisive moment finally arrives

    Continuous shooting at overwhelming speed - 120 fps ultra-high-speed continuous shooting: With ultra-high-speed continuous shooting, the CX5 shoots 120 images (120 frames/sec.) during an interval of about one second after the shutter release button is pushed, or 120 images (60 frames/sec) during an interval of about two seconds

Control Photo "Feel" with Diverse Aspect Ratios
    The CX5 can record square photos with the 1:1 aspect ratio used in medium format cameras or a 16:9 aspect ratio suitable for viewing on wide-screen TVs. Give free reign to your creativity with photos that are a little out of the usual
Choose the Best Shot after Shooting with Four Different Types of Bracketing Functions
    Bracketing functions shoot multiple images while changing the shooting settings. Spared from having to make subtle setting adjustments, from multiple images you just select the one best matching your creative intentions Auto bracketing: Automatically shoots three consecutive shots at three exposure levels (-0.5EV, 0, +0.5EV) based on the set exposure level

    Color bracketing: Automatically records three images (color, black and white, and sepia) giving very different impressions. In addition to the regular color image, you can enjoy the play of light and shadow in a black and white image and the nostalgic feel of a sepia tone image

    White balance bracketing: Automatically records three images: a reddish image, a bluish image, and an image at the currently set white balance. This is convenient when it is difficult to judge the proper white balance

    Focus bracketing: The automatic continuous shooting of five images while changing the focus position by specified intervals. The focus position intervals can be specified as (Wide) or (Narrow)

Macro Mode Brings You Closer, Allowing Shot As Close As 1cm Away
    Using photo expression techniques such as background blurring, capture a beautiful world that goes unnoticed until it is magnified. Macro shooting will teach you new ways to enjoy photography. Getting as close as 1cm for wide-angle and 28cm for telephoto, you can enjoy shooting powerful images that are only possible with macro. The minimum shooting distance, which changes depending on the zoom setting, can be checked on the monitor
The Camera Automatically Shifts the Focus During High-Speed Continuous Shooting - Multi-Target AF
    Multi-target AF does high-speed consecutive shooting of five images with different focal distances determined by the camera. It is effective for scenes (such as flowers) where there is a narrow range for a sharp focus. The camera automatically decides the five focus points and does the high-speed consecutive shooting of five images while shifting the focus to each point. After shooting, you can select the image with the preferred focus
AE/AF Target Shift Functions Provide Support for Shooting Creativity
    In both normal and macro shooting, the AE (exposure) and AF (focus) targets can be shifted alone or together to any position on the screen. This enables you to take the desired shot by changing focus and exposure settings without moving the camera, even if it is fixed to a tripod
Broaden Your Photographic Horizons with Creative Shooting Modes
    This option makes it easy to enjoy a variety of creative effects. It features six different types including Soft Focus, Cross Process, Toy Camera, and Miniaturize that can be selected to fit the subject and type of scene. Simply press the shutter-release button for unique results Soft focus: Creates photos similar to those produced with soft-focus lenses. A good choice for portraits of women and other subjects that benefit from gentle softening. The amount of softening can be chosen from "weak" and "strong"

    Cross process: Creates photos similar to those produced with soft-focus lenses. A good choice for portraits of women and other subjects that benefit from gentle softening. The amount of softening can be chosen from "weak" and "strong"

    Toy camera: Creates photos with the high contrast and saturated colors associated with toy cameras, together with their characteristic distortion and vignetting. You can adjust color saturation and choose the amount of vignetting

    Miniaturize: Blurring the top and bottom areas of the image makes it possible to photograph actual scenes but record images that recreate the impression given when photographing miniatures. This mode is effective when shooting from a high vantage point while looking down at a diagonal

    High Contrast B/W: Intensifying contrast to a level higher than normal black & white mode makes it possible to record images with a grainy feel such as that created by using ultra-high-sensitivity film in a film camera or by push processing film at the development stage

    Dynamic Range Double Shot: The camera takes two shots in quick succession at different exposures and combines the areas that are correctly exposed. The result is a photograph with a smooth transition from highlights to shadows, similar to what is seen by the human eye

14 Scene Modes Give you Professional Shooting Options
    Scene modes give you easy access to whole suites of photographic techniques specifically adapted to your subject. The CX5 comes newly equipped with Cooking mode, which lets you take photos of food that looks so delicious you'll want to reach out and taste it; Golf Swing Continuous mode, which is useful for when you want to check out your golf swing; and Fireworks mode, which beautifully captures glittering flower and other types of fireworks as they flash across the night sky, in addition to Night Landscape Multi-shot mode, which is perfect for taking photos of night scenes Cooking: The new Cooking mode setting allows you to adjust the brightness and color tone of the scene while checking the subject

    Fireworks: The new Fireworks mode allows you to take great shots of fireworks using the optimal focus, color tone, and brightness for the scene. The regular shutter sound can be set to a voice shouting, "Tamaya!" (a place that made fireworks back in the old days)

    Golf Swing Continuous Mode: Photos are shot in M-Continuous Plus (2Mp) mode. Gridlines will appear when you take or playback photos, making it easy for you to check your golf swing

    Night Landscape Multi-Shot: The CX5 creates clear, beautiful photos of night scenes by automatically and precisely combining a series of exposures shot at high sensitivities to reduce the blur and noise normally associated with pictures taken under low light, allowing photographers to taste the joys of hand-held, tripod-free night photography

    Zoom Macro: Automatically optimizes the zoom position to shoot the subject even larger than with normal macro shooting. You can use the ultra-high-resolution zoom on the CX5 to take magnified shots of the subject with a zoom that has minimal image degradation

    Pets: The flash, AF auxiliary light, and beep speaker turn off to avoid frightening animal subjects, allowing you to capture the expression of your favorite pet without being unkind. If a cat's face is detected, the camera will adjust focus for the animal's face

    Portrait: Subject faces are automatically detected and focus, exposure, and white balance adjusted

    Discreet: Flash, AF auxiliary light, and operation sounds are turned off regardless of the settings. This is convenient when shooting in museums and other public buildings

    Night portrait: Use when taking scenery pictures

    Sports: Use when taking pictures of moving people/objects

    Skew correction: Use to straighten a rectangular object (message board, business card...) shot at an angle to make it look as if it were shot squarely

    High sensitivity: Use when taking pictures in dimly lit places. The picture display also becomes brighter

    Text: Use when shooting images with text, such as notes written on a white board in a meeting. Images are recorded in black and white

The Excitement of Movement Captured in Beautiful High Image Quality 1280 x 720 HD Movies
    CX5 high image quality extends to movies as well as still photographs. It can shoot 1280 720 pixel high-definition and high-resolution HD movies at 30 frames per second. If you connect the camera to a high-definition TV using an HDMI cable (sold separately), you can also enjoy viewing the photos and movies you took on a large-screen HD TV Correct Brightness and Contrast in the Camera Using Level Compensation The brightness and contrast of still images can be automatically or manually corrected in the camera without using a PC. With manual correction, the histogram can be finely adjusted until the image faithfully reflects the photographer's intentions
Correct the Color Tone of Still Images In-Camera with White Balance Compensation
    Whether you want to reproduce the subject's color tone or change it, you can adjust green, magenta, blue, and amber color tones to match your intentions and preferences
Large 3.0" 920,000 Dot VGA LCD Monitor
    The large, high-resolution LCD monitor has a wide viewing angle and high contrast. With sRGB comparison of 100% for color reproduction range, it vividly reproduces image colors. Providing a comfortable shooting environment, the screen has a fluorine coat to prevent soiling, a hard coat to prevent scratches, and an anti-reflection coat to give excellent visibility even outdoors Main display functions: 81 image display, shooting information display frame, histogram and detailed information display, "Today's Shoots" display

    Grid guide display: Grid guide display 1, Grid guide display 2, Grid guide display 3

Quick and Accurate Camera Leveling with the Electronic Level
    Using the level sound and the level indicator shown on the picture display, you can confirm that the image is level. This is convenient when shooting landscapes, buildings, and other subjects where tilting can be a problem.
Up to 20 Image Files Can Be Flagged with the Image Flag Function
    The image flag function enables quick display of up to 20 image files from among those in the camera. Flagged images can be promptly displayed by pressing the Fn (function) button so it is very easy and convenient to flag maps and timetable images for later reference and flag favorite photos for showing other people
Create Your Own Custom Specs with My Settings Mode
    If you set your most frequently used functions in My Settings mode, you can immediately call up the "custom spec" settings by just turning the mode dial. Making full use of My Settings mode will insure that you do not miss your own decisive moments
Use the ADJ/OK Button to Make Quick Menu Setting Changes
    Four frequently used functions from the shooting menu, such as exposure compensation, white balance, and ISO sensitivity, can be assigned to the ADJ./OK button. This makes it possible to quickly access the assigned functions and easily change settings while shooting
Enjoy Shooting Just the Way You Want with the Fn (Function) Button
    If you set a function such as AE lock, or step zoom in advance, you can switch to that function by just pushing the Fn (function) button. This will enable you to respond quickly to sudden shutter chances
Wireless LAN Eye-Fi Card (X2 Series) Linking Function
    The CX5 is compatible with Eye-Fi cards (X2 Series), SD memory cards with built-in wireless LAN functionality, which enables captured images to be transferred wirelessly to a computer or online image sharing service automatically. An icon will appear while an Eye-Fi card is being used to display the communications status
Adjust Flash Intensity
    Adjust flash intensity. (Flash exposure compensation function) With this function you can adjust the light intensity in 1/3 EV steps across the -2.0EV to +2.0EV range. This greatly expands the possibilities for creative flash photography
Specify Shooting Interval and Number of Images
    The custom self-timer function is convenient for shooting multiple images with the self-timer. You can specify 1 to 10 images to be shot in 5 to 10 second intervals
In Playback the Camera Automatically Rotates Images Shot Vertically
    By detecting what the position of the camera was at the time the image was shot, during playback it is possible to automatically rotate images shot vertically
The White Saturation Areas of the Image Flash in Black
    Pressing the DISP. Button when doing quick review or in playback mode switches on the highlight display so that you can check the highlighted sections of an image
Output Can Also Be in A Document Format for Business Use
    Output for a Ricoh-compatible printer can be put in a format good for business use
Additional Functions
    Interval Timer (Shooting interval: 5 seconds - 1 hour, 5 second steps),


High-speed autofocus using the unique hybrid AF system developed by Ricoh

Improved image resolution through use of super-resolution technology

Super-resolution zoom equivalent to up to 600 mm in addition to the 10.7x 28300 mm optical zoom

High-quality photography that widens the range of image expression

14 different types of Scene Modes providing easy access to whole suites of photographic techniques

Creative shooting modes that allow you to enjoy shooting creative images

High-definition 3.0-inch, 920,000-dot LCD monitor


Sensor 1/2.3" Type CMOS
10.00 million effective pixels
10.60 total pixels
Image sizes 3648 x 2736
3648 x 2432
2736 x 2736
3648 x 2048
2592 x 1944
2048 x 1536
1728 x 1296 (Multi-Picture only)
1280 x 960
640 x 480
Movie clips 1280 x 720
640 x 480
320 x 240
Text 3648 x 2736
2048 x 1536
File formats JPEG (Exif v2.3)
CIPA DC-007-2009 Multi-Picture Format
AVI (Open DML Motion JPEG Format compliant)
WAVE (Sound Files)
Lens 28 - 300mm (35mm equiv)
With Step Zoom set: 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm, 200mm, and 300mm
f = 4.9-52.5mm
10.7x optical zoom
Lens Construction: 10 elements in 7 groups (aspheric lens: 4 elements and 5 surfaces)
Digital zoom up to 4.8x
Focus Contrast AF method with AF auxiliary light

Contrast AF method
Subject-tracking AF
Multi-target AF

Fixed focus method
Manual Focus
Focus distance Closest focus distance 1 cm
Metering Multi (256 segments)
Centre Weighted Light Metering
ISO sensitivity Auto
ISO 80
ISO 100
ISO 200
ISO 400
ISO 800
ISO 1600
ISO 3200
Exposure compensation +/- 2EV in 1/3 stop increments
Auto Bracketing +/- 5EV
Shutter speed 8 sec-1/1200 sec
Movie : 1/30 - 1/2000 sec.
Shooting modes Auto
Scene auto
My Settings
Continuous mode
Creative shooting modes
Scene modes Portrait
Night. Portrait
Night Landscape
Zoom Macro
Skew Correct
High Sensitivity
Golf Swing Continuous Mode
Creative shooting modes Dynamic Range
Double Shot
High Contrast B&W
Soft Focus
Cross Process
Toy Camera
White balance Auto
Incandescent 2
White Balance Bracket
Self timer 2 or 10sec
Continuous shooting Approx 5 fps
Flash Auto, Red-eye-Reduction, Flash On, Slow Synchro, Flash Off
Range : Approx. 20 cm - 4.0 m (Wide), approx. 28 cm -3.0m (Telephoto)
Flash Compensation (+/-2.0EV (1/3EV Steps)
LCD monitor 3.0" TFT
920,000 pixels
Connectivity USB Hi-Speed
Micro HDMI
AV out (PAL / NTSC switchable)
Storage Internal memory 40MB
Power Rechargeable Battery DB-100
Weight (no batt) 176 g
Dimensions 102 x 58 x 29 mm


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