Rokinon 650-2600mm f/8-16 Manual Focus Lens

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This Super Telephoto Lens is Taking
Digital photography to the Next level

Rokinon 650-2600mm f/8-16 Super Telephoto MF LensThis Rokinon 650-1300mm ultra-telephoto zoom lens is incredibly powerful. With its tremendous power, this lens is ideally suited for wildlife and sports photography. Its high definition optics produce sharper, more intense pictures. Take incredibly close shots from long range distances. This lens comes complete with the lens, lens case, lens caps, 2X Teleconverter Lens and a 1 year Rokinon warranty.

This Super Telephoto Lens is taking digital photography to the next level! The 650-1300mm f/8-16 Super Telephoto Lens features a wide range Zoom and attached tripod mount. It is compatible with DSLR Cameras by utilizing specific T mount adapter. Constructed with Sharp Glass to capture clear and detailed images. Included is the Front & Rear Lens Caps along with a Storage Carrier Pouch This lens is a highly complex, precision-made, optical instrument. It has been individually assembled by skilled craftsmen. With proper care and maintenance this lens will give you years of satisfying photographic results.

There are T-mounts available for every modern DSLR system as well as for most older film cameras and even C-mount cameras.

It will work on both "full frame" digital cameras as well as the smaller-format APS-C (15 x 22mm) cameras, but has only one effective aperture at any focal length, which varies from f/8.0 at 650mm to f/16.0 at 1300mm. That's not much of a hindrance, however, as you'd likely use this lens at its relatively small maximum aperture in any case. 


This lens requires bright light and a high ISO setting on the camera to get a fast shutter speed (or fast film in a film camera), and needs a sturdy tripod or monopod, but can deliver very sharp results if used properly.

Incredible zoom range
Multi-coated elements reduce flare and increase light transmission
White barrel helps reduce heat buildup
Aperture is fixed-position, but only varies based on focal length
Deep lens shade with matted, dark internal coloring
Tripod mount upon lens barrel

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Lens Includes

Rokinon 650-1300mm Super Telephoto Zoom Lens
2x Teleconverter Front & Rear Lens Caps
Lens Hood
Lens Pouch
1-Year Warranty


Filter Size
f/Stop Range
f/8.0-16.0 (only one effective aperture at any focal length)
Minimum Focus Distance
16.4' (5.0 m)
Not Specified by Manufacturer
Zoom/Focus Control
Angle of View
23.3" (592mm) @ 1300mm focal length
Maximum Diameter
4.1" (105mm)
4.4 lbs (2 kg)



Rokinon 650-2600mm f/8-16 Super Telephoto MF Lens

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