Sigma 10mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM Fisheye Lens

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The Optical Quality Appears to be Virtually Identical to Nikon's

Sigma 10mm f2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM Lens The HSM provides autofocus performance as fast as the Nikon (at least on my Nikon D300 DSLR), while being eerily quiet. As for the optical quality, it appears to be virtually identical to Nikon's, which is to say excellent. Both lenses are slightly soft wide-open (i.e. at f/2.8), but sharpen considerably when close down one f-stop. Indeed, both lenses are almost as sharp at f/4 as they are at f/5.6. Besides the built-in autofocus motor, another difference between Nikon and Sigma's fisheye lenses is the field-of-view (FOV). Sigma's lens is 0.5mm wider, and provides a small -- but definitely noticeable -- increase in the angle of view.

Fisheye lens with close up ability designed exclusively for use with APS-C size digital SLR cameras, 10mm F2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM

This autofocus fisheye lens is designed for use with digital SLR cameras equipped with APS-C size image sensors. The Nikon version produces a diagonal angle of view of 180, 154 for Sigma, 167 for Canon.

The diagonal field of view of this fisheye lens produces striking images with exaggerated perspective and distortion. The minimum focusing distance of 13.5cm / 5.3inch, and maximum magnification 1:3.3 allows subjects to be as close as 1.8cm/0.7inch from the lens front element.

This close focusing capability allows close-up photography and also it is possible to make use of large depth of field that covers wide range of subjects. The Integral hood blocks out extraneous light and the Super Multi-Layer Coating minimizes flare and ghosting, creating superior image quality.

The HSM "Hyper Sonic Motor" ensures fast and quiet autofocusing and allows full-time manual focus override by rotation of the focus ring. This lens is supplied with a gelatin filter holder at the rear, allowing the use of gelatin filters.

HSM means this lens will autofocus on Nikon D40/D40x, Nikon D60, Nikon D3000, Nikon D3100 and the Nikon D5000

A fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology to study cloud formation and called "whole-sky lenses", fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Hemispherical photography is used for various scientific purposes to study plant canopy geometry and to calculate near-ground solar radiation.

The first types of fisheye lenses to be developed were "circular fisheyes" lenses which take in a 180 hemisphere and project this as a circle within the film frame. Some circular fisheyes are available in orthographic projection models for scientific applications. These have a 180 vertical angle of view, and the horizontal and diagonal angle of view are also 180. Most circular fisheye lenses cover a smaller image circle than rectilinear lenses, so the corners of the frame will be completely dark.


Fisheye lens designed specifically for APS-C digital SLR cameras

13.5cm minimum focusing distance and 1:3.3 maximum magnification allows close up photography

Equipped with HSM allowing full-time manual focus override

Equisolid angle projection system is possible for art and scientific use

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Lens stylePrime lens
Max Format Size APS-C / DX  
Lens focal length10 mm  
Stabilization type No  
Camera mount Canon EF, Sigma SA, Nikon F (DX)  
Angle of view 180 for Nikon, 154 for Sigma. 167 for Canon  
Aperture (lens diaphragm)
Largest aperture opening F2.8  
Smallest aperture opening F22.0  
Includes aperture ring No  
Total diaphragm blades 7  
Total Elements 12  
Number of Groups 7  
Minimum focus distance 0.14 m (5.31")  
Autofocus type Yes  
Full time manual focus Yes  
Lens distance scale Yes  
Depth of field scale Yes  
Physical features
Overall weight475 g (1.05 lb)  
Lens diameter 76 mm (2.98")  
Overall length 83 mm (3.27")  
Filter annotations rear gelatin filter  
Lens hood included Yes  
Lens hood code built-in hood  
Tripod collar included No
Corresponding mounts Sigma, Nikon, Canon, Son/Minolta, Pentax

Lens Includes
Sigma 10mm f2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM Front Lens Cap

Front Cap Adapter
Lens Case
1 Year International Warranty plus 3 Year Sigma U.S.A. Extended Warranty (Total Warranty is 4 Years from Date of Purchase)

Sigma 10mm f2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM Lens Pouch

Sigma 10mm f2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM Back Lens Cap


SIGMA 10mm F2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM Lens

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