StroboFrame Verta flip rotator
StroboFrame Verta flip rotator

Many pan/tilt heads have adjustable platforms that allow digital or 35mm cameras to smoothly shift between horizontal and vertical orientation. Camera rotators perform the same function when used with heavier medium format cameras. Of course, they also work well with smaller cameras. Stroboframe's Vertaflip PHD On-Tripod Camera Rotator allows you to rotate the camera without changing the lens axis. Neat trick. It also keeps the camera weight balanced over the tripod center, something that is especially important if you use heavy medium format cameras.

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Stroboframe Vertaflip PHD On-Tripod Camera RotatorStroboframe Vertaflip PHD On-Tripod Camera Rotator. The Stroboframe Vertaflip PHD On-Tripod Camera Rotator (Professional/Heavy-Duty) camera rotator is a fast, convenient tool for rotating your camera horizontally or vertically on a tripod. Gain speed, convenience and precision by rotating the camera without changing the lens axis, so that all tripod head controls remain in the same position. Concentrate on the subject rather than fumbling with newly-positioned controls. Switch between horizontal and vertical compositions with a simple flick of the wrist, keeping the camera's weight balanced over the center of the tripod to minimize vibration. $59.95.

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