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701HDV Pro Fluid Video Mini Head
701HDV Pro Fluid Video Mini Head

The fluid head goes hand and hand with film making. Without having a good fluid head on your tripod your shots are going to end up being shaky. If your shooting outside, the wind is enough to shake the camera if you are not using the proper tripod. If you are using zoom that shaking is multiplied. You need a Tripod with a "Fluid Head". When you pan, if there is no resistance to your action the shot is not going to be smooth. Fluid heads give you resistance to your panning which smooth out the jitter.

Some pan/tilt heads are also classified as fluid heads. As the name implies, fluid heads use a sealed liquid to create a miniature hydraulic damping system that enables smooth, steady motion when moved through a given space. If you shoot video with a compact camcorder you'll find a fluid head to be exceptionally useful. Prices vary depending on the level of sophistication but there are many fine units that are quite affordable, including the Giottos MH-5000 3-way Fluid Pan Head with Quick Release Lever, which sells for just $42.95.

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Manfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Video Mini HeadManfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Video Mini Head. Small and lightweight, the Manfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Video Mini Head is capable of accommodating payloads up to 9.5 lbs, and was designed principally to support the latest digital video equipment, including Mini DV and prosumer/professional grade HDV camcorders. Ergonomics The 701HDV has locks and knobs that allow for a more solid grip and better control. Fluidity - This head offers updated fluidity from improved internal fluid cartridges. Updated - This small head offers a double pan-bar roset and a bigger sliding plate for better center of gravity adjustments. Load Capacity 9.4 lbs (4kg) Internet price $157.90.

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