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Manfrotto MBAG70N Unpadded Tripod Bag
Manfrotto MBAG70N Unpadded Tripod Bag

Why do you need a tripod bag?

Once you have decided on the right tripod for you, it will often prove to be a long lasting investment. To make sure it remains in excellent condition, a padded tripod bag is essential.

If you do take bird watching or astronomy seriously you'll probably be taking quite a few hikes. Chances are you'll be bringing other gear aside from your trusty binoculars. Stuff like a camera, binocular tripod, lens filters, batteries, field guides and maybe even lunch. To carry all of these things with ease you should probably look into buying a tripod case. Since this is the biggest piece of equipment. These bags vary in size, shape and features. Since you will be carrying extra gear, look for one that is big enough to accommodate everything else. You should also make sure the bag you buy has a number of pockets. Since you'd want to keep some of your gear separate. Instead of having delicate lenses shake around with your heavy tripod.

The problem with buying a tripod bag though is finding one that fits properly. You need one that is not too big, and not too small. This isn't that easy. I've found that most commercial tripod bags are either too small in diameter or too long for the task at hand. My favorite is the Bazooka line of tripod bags from Think Tank Photo which can cleverly adjust in length by a factor or nearly two.

One thing tripod bags have in common with camera bags is that not everyone will have the same preference. Buying either can be a personal decision. There are other good brands out there of course but do your homework before buying a tripod bag. Don't just assume that a bag will properly fit your tripod.

If you are buying a tripod kit, such as a Manfrotto 503,525 Kit, you will find that a padded tripod bag is included. However, if you are looking for a replacement bag, or you have purchased just a tripod on its own, you will find several bags on these pages. Whether your tripod is made by Vinten, Manfrotto, Secced, Sachtler, Libec or any other manufacturer, you will find a bag that is compatible and will keep your tripod safe during transport.

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Manfrotto MBAG70N Unpadded Tripod Bag The Manfrotto by Bogen Imaging MBAG70N Tripod Bag (Black) is an unpadded ballistic nylon bag designed to carry Manfrotto tripods with head up to 27" long. The end cap is padded to offer protection to the tripod head. The zipper extends down the length of the bag, but also fully opens the top end of the bag. The end opening allows for faster "quiver" style extraction and insertion of the tripod.

The tripod legs fit comfortably in the narrower end and extra space is allowed for the larger volume of the head at the wider end. This also means it's easier to put the tripod and head in the bag, even if the head levers and knobs are fitted and jut out slightly. The bag includes a shoulder strap. $39.95.

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