Sanyo Mobile Phones

Sanyo Katana Eclipse X Sprint Pink The Sanyo Katana Eclipse X features a unique illumination capability that allows you to assign lighting effects to specific callers as well as alerts and messages. The 40 different lighting effects include blink, pulse, echo, and multi-color patterns. They're handy for identifying a call in low-light situations like movie theaters where you need to turn your ringer off as well as a noisy environment such as a nightclub. In addition to customizing calls and messages, the illumination patterns can be assigned to the music playing mode, just for fun, or can be completely disabled for those times when the feature is not desired. When new calls or messages come in, the front of the phone can illuminate using 40 different lighting effects. The exterior of the phone includes dedicated music playback controls.
Sanyo Katana LX 3800 Sprint Black Curvier with rounder edges than the other models in Sanyo's Katana line, the Katana LX is highlighted by the unique external OLED display that glows through the mirrored-finish and completely disappears when not in use. It displays current time/date, signal strength and battery life--but not caller ID--and it also provides whimsical, short animation clips for added fun. The internal 2-inch display has a 128 x 160-pixel resolution and 65K color depth. Below the screen you'll find a circular five-way navigation pad that's complemented by a round frame of buttons, including a dedicated camera key, back button, and two soft navigation keys. The send/end and dedicated speakerphone keys reside between the navigation area and and the alpha-numeric keypad.
Sanyo SCP-2700 Sprint Pink Blending the practicality of a full QWERTY keypad with a vibrantly colorful designs, the Sanyo SCP-2700 offers a wide range of mobile features at a nicely affordable price. It has a 2.2-inch LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels, 65K colors) that sits above a navigation area and the handset's full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard includes a dedicated text messaging key--in one touch you're taken to your contacts list where you can create a message--as well as a dedicated emoticon key, which helps add humor or other expressions to your text messages. And with threaded SMS text messaging, you see the full conversation for each contact in a chat-like interface. Organized conversations make it easy to go back and see the history of any conversation.

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