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    Beginning with the 20th century there have been a huge increase in people listening to music as popularity of the radio, phonographs, CD's,  MP3s and other listening devices became available to distribute and replay music.

    The application of art music became illustrated by delving into new sounds, styles and rhythms, Stravinsky, Cage and Schoenberg were all influential art music composers during the 20th century. The development of sound recording along with the capability to edit music was a major factor in this new classical music sub-genre, including the acousmatic and electronic composition Musique concrète teachings.

    Jazz evolved and developed into an important music genre during the 20th century, while into the second portion of that century, a similar path was followed by rock music. Jazz is a unique American musical art form began during the early years during the 20th century within the Southern U. S. in African American neighborhoods springing from a convergence of European and African music customs. It's West African lineage is apparent with its improvisation, blue notes, polyrhythms, swung note. and syncopation commencing with its early stages until today, jazz has also integrated music from 19th through 20th century American pop music. From its 20th century beginnings, jazz has spawned an array of subgenres, stretching from the New Orleans Dixieland all the way from 1910s through the 1970s and jazz-rock fusion of the 1980s-era.

    Rock music comes from a popular music genre that developed during the 1960s from the rock and roll, blues, rockabilly, and country music. of the 1950s. This rock sound typically revolves around an acoustic or electric guitar, and features a robust back beat created by a rhythm segment featuring drums,. electric bass guitar, and keyboard instruments like a piano, an an organ and starting in the 1970s, analog and digital synthesizers and since the 1990s, computers. Alongside the guitar, a saxophone, keyboards, and blues harmonica technique are employed as solo instruments. In its "most pure form," rock "has only three chords, plus a catchy melody. and strong persevering back beat. "During the late 1960s through the early 1970s, rock branched out into unique subgenres, ranging from the fusion of jazz-rock and blues-rock on into punk rock and heavy metal along with a more classical influenced progressive rock genre plus a number of of experimental rock genre types.

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