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Dec 31


Mokelumne Hill was one of the richest California gold mining towns. Established in 1848 by a group from Oregon, the placers were rich to the point that the miners risked starving rather than make a trip to Stockton for more provisions (one person did just that and made it rich by turning into a merchant). Soon after, gold was found in the local hills, yhere was so much gold that miners were confined to 16 square feet claims, but then many claims were reported to yield as much as to $20,000.
Dec 27


Copperpolis Town Square
Copperopolis Photo Tour. Copperopolis made its mark during the 1860s when the adjacent copper mines were providing material to the Union Army's ammunition. Around 10,000 individuals lived there then and dozens of businesses were in operation. The Calaveras Heritage Council said the copper area was the second most critical in the nation.
Dec 24


San Andreas Photo Tour. Named after the Catholic parish St. Andrew, and settled by Mexican gold miners in 1948, the town has been a prominent mining camp since early on. The gold from the at first discovered placers gave out after just a few years, however the discovery of gold in an underground waterway in 1853 renewed the camp and it soon turned into a town
Dec 22


Sonora Courthouse
Sonora Ca Photo Tour. Established by Mexicans digging for gold—reminiscent of the Sonora State in, Mexico—during the California Gold Rush, Sonora was a booming trade and industry center in the California Mother Lode. Most of the removable gold using conventional mining techniques was quickly removed, leaving miners to utilize more complex and costly mining methods to reach the deep pockets of quartz and gold.
Dec 21


Oakdale Photo Tour. Located close to the Stanislaus River, Oakdale, was named for the oak trees groves that line the nearby slopes. The town bloats a long history. When gold was found along the Stanislaus River by the Indians dwelling in the area in 1848. The rush to mine the gold sent delegates of the Stockton and Visalia Railroad to the area that is presently Oakdale
Dec 20


Merced is the county seat of, Merced County located in the Northern California San Joaquin Valley . The city had a population of 81,743. as of 2014. Merced was incorporated April 1, 1889, Merced It was named after the nearby Merced River.
The city is also, known as the "Gateway to Yosemite ," which can be reached in under two hours by automobile from Yosemite National Park on the east along with Monterey Bay.
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Dec 19


Cosumnes River Preserve. In 1984, The Nature Conservancy bought 85 acres of land of old-growth riparian woods roughly 20 miles south of Sacramento, creating the Cosumnes River Preserve. While building an association of what is presently a consortium consisting of private and public entities, they procured lands and preservation easements that now protect 46,000 acres of land, enveloping freshwater wetlands, blue and valley oak woodlands, vernal pool prairies and important farmlands.
Dec 18


Brentwood Photo Tour. In the late 19th century Brentwood grew as a community, and still is known all through the Bay Area for its rural products, basically its fruits, corn and peaches. Because of urban sprawl since 1990, a hefty portion of the old homesteads and orchards have been supplanted by suburban developments
Dec 16


Locke was the final Sacramento River Chinatown to be constructed and turned into a flourishing Chinese community serving the area's workforce, which comprised fundamentally of Chinese laborers toiling in the asparagus fields. The town subsequently developed to 14 acres of land, and made up of single and two-story wooden structures. Besides than various houses, Locke had a small Chinese school, a church, hotels and restaurants, a post offices, a lodge, a theater, a fish market, grocery stores
Dec 15


Apochromatic LensAn apochromat, or apochromatic lenses (apo), are photographic or other lenses that have improved color correction over the a more common achromat lenses.
Dec 14


Rio Vista, regularly called the "Capital of the Netherlands," in light of its significance as the center point of the productive Sacramento River delta area, is a delightful little town numbering somewhere in the range of at least 1,500 people and is located on the north bank of the Sacramento River, half way between Sacramento and San Francisco.
Dec 13


2006 Scion
Scion Motor Cars. Scion is a vehicle brand manufactured for the North American market by Toyota. Founded in 2002, The long-term goal by Scion is to appeal to Generation Y consumers. In 2003, the initial Scion, the xA hatchback and xB wagon, was announced in California, followed by the tC sports coupe, and was subsequently launched in the U.S. nationwide in 2004
Dec 12


Courtland, situated along the Sacramento River is 17 miles south-southwest of Sacramento. Courtland was christened after Courtland Sims, son of James V. Sims, an entrepreneur who founded a steamer landing in the community in 1870. The Courtland post office was established in 1872
Dec 10


California Lighthouses sprung up at the most perilous locations, both to safeguard life and to keep freight from destruction. Beacons were made to guard the mariners. They likewise acted as visual navigation aids. The vast majority of the beacon attendants were men, yet a few hardy ladies likewise took care of the lights. It was a tough life - so tough that the beacon guardian at Point Reyes once composed: "Better to dwell in the midst of alarms reign in this frightful place."
Dec 08


2009 Saturn
Saturn Motor Cars. In the mid-1980s, GM revealed the Saturn Concept Car. The auto, which resembled the first Saturn SL, was not initially intended to start a new a brand, although, GM planned to announce the Saturn auto under one of its existing brands, which, at that time, were Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet line, GMC, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. During the late 1980s, GM changed their mind and established Saturn as its own brand, with its first autos being the Saturn SC and Saturn SL. Manufacturing of both Saturn vehicles began in 1990 as 1991 model year vehicles. In 1992, The Saturn SW was later included. GM had plans for a sedan, a roadster, a wagon, and even a sport utility vehicle; in any case, Saturn's Vue, their first sport utility vehicle, was not announced until the 2002 model year.
Dec 06


A Glimpse of California Courthouses

built throughout California over the past 150 years along with some of the stories of notorious trials, judges and lawyers. The state of California is separated into 58 counties. Counties have the responsibility of conducting all elections, collecting property-tax, maintaining public records for things like deeds, and courts at the local-level the county borders.
Dec 05

Breathtaking drone footage of Oregon's landscape

Michael Shainblum is a talented professional photographer known for his time-lapse footage along with extraordinary still photography. In 2015, he chose to take his photography to the skies to start working on a drone project. Everything considered, he shot 16 hours of footage using DJI 3 and DJI 4 drones to deliver this stunning 4K aerial montage filmed throughout the state of Oregon. Make certain to turn down the lights, turn up the sound with HD mode on to truly appreciate this brief film.
Dec 04


Old Town Eureka

The delightful appeal of an European town or Victorian seaport. Founded in 1850, the town is Humboldt County's major seaport. The timber, dairy and shipping enterprises support the individuals who call the area home. Today, you can stroll down the clamoring downtown streets, past wonderfully restored structures of varied architectural types.
Dec 03


The Hamlet of Ferndale

Situated in Humboldt County, California. For the 2010 census, the population was,1371, down 9 from the 2000 census. The city features numerous well preserved Victorian retail facades and homes. Ferndale is the northern entryway to California's Lost Coast and the city, sits on the edge of a wide plain close to the mouth of the Eel River,
Dec 02

Mid-size size Chevrolets

for the most part offer wheelbases between 105 inches and 110 inches. Another generally utilized definition is that of the EPA, which classifies autos offering between 110 cubic feet and 119 cubic feet of inside volume as being mid-size. During 2012, mid-size autos were the most popular vehicle category sold in the United States
Dec 01

Compact Chevrolets

are to a great extent a North American term signifying a Chevrolet smaller than a mid-size auto, however larger than a subcompact auto. Compact autos typically have wheelbases between 100 inches and 109 inches.
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